Firewalls and Security

Firewalls and Security Essential Software

Internet Security (Firewall & Antivirus)

With most users now on broadband that is “always on”, a good firewall and antivirus suite is essential. Radford Computing recommends Kaspersky Internet Security as it offers unrivalled detection rates for antivirus scanning. It also provides spyware detection, parental control and spam filtering. Some may find the amount of warnings notifications a tad annoying, but it offers the safest and most secure suite to protect your system.

Spyware Protection

Spyware are unwanted programs that provide the user with no value, but may send information about your surfing habits to other companies, or download other more malicious programs. Thousands of these programs are created each day, so good spyware protection is essential. At Radford Computing we recommend Malwarebytes which has excellent detection rates and rarely fails to detect anything nasty. We recommend using Malwarebytes in conjunction with Kaspersky Internet Security and maybe run a scan once a week.

Backup Software

Backup software is a must to keep your data safe and secure should the unthinkable happen to your hard drive. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you do it and regularly, but there are some great programs to help. Top of our list is Acronis True Image Home. There are lots of options built in to back up emails, or my computer, my data or my application settings, or you can take a complete image of the drive.

There are now thousands of Cloud-based solutions where you can store your important files, usually with 5GB limit, free of charge. Microsoft SkyDrive is a great place to start is you want to investigate this option.

CD/DVD Burning Software

Another great way to back up your data is by using Nero disk burning to write your information to CD or DVD, but it does much more than this, allowing you to copy virtually any type of CD or DVD that isn’t copyright protected. You can also create you own disks or images of disks, all from a very intuitive menu.