PC Repairs, Upgrades and Installs

Computer Upgrades, Repairs and Installation

Whether you need a computer memory upgrade, a change of operating system e.g. Vista), or something more substantial like a new monitor, PC or laptop, let us help you chose the right option and install it for you.

Here is a list of upgrades we recommend:

Operating System Upgrades and Memory Required

Running Windows 95, 98, Millennium Edition?

Advice: Your system is now out of support with Microsoft, you need to replace your system to something that is supported and secure.

Running Windows 2000?

Advice: Similar to the above advice, if the system you have can be upgraded to XP, this is a must to maintain system security. If this isn’t possible, it’s time to purchase a new system. Call us for recommendations.

Running XP?

Advice: Make sure all the Microsoft patches have been installed, for good system performance increasing system memory is the cheapest and most efficient way to do so. 1GB is quickly becoming the minimum to run the operating system, so increasing this to 2GB will make a huge difference.

Running Vista?

Advice: Any system running Vista will be sluggish running 1GB of memory, look to upgrade to as much as possible for your system, preferably 3-4GB.

Running Windows 7?

Advice: Windows 7 is a massive improvement over Vista and runs much better with fewer resources. Look to have a minimum still of 2GB memory and again, 3-4GB will help make your experience a happier one. Make sure all the Microsoft patches have been installed and you are running Service Pack 1.


Hardware Upgrades

Ethernet Card

Ethernet Card

Need an Ethernet card for broadband? Call now, I’m sure we can sort this for £30 including installation!

Need more USB ports?

Why not have an internal card installed with an extra 4 ports?
Need something more accessible, why not get a 4 port external hub?

Video Card

Upgrading to Vista, or maybe you want to play the latest PC games? You may find that you need a faster video card. Video cards are available from £20 plus fitting.

Monitor UpgradeMonitor Upgrade

The price of flat screen monitors has dropped dramatically in the last 12 months, take advantage now and see what a fantastic difference a good screen can make! 24″ monitors can be found for £150, this provides a huge amount of desktop real estate.

If you feel there is another part of your system you’d like to upgrade, then let us know and we’ll see whether it’s economical, and how much we can save you. Also call if you are considering upgrading your entire system, we can either build to your specification, or get the best deal available to suit your needs.