Network Services

Network Installation

Good network design is essential to get the most from your new network, whether you have less than 5 computers or 5000 computers, not only will we suggest the best equipment for your network, but we’ll design and install it all.

Here is what we have to offer:

Wired Network

Want to share your broadband connection between several computers or laptops in close proximity? Wired networks can be the answer. Using a router with a built in switch you can have several machines connected to the Internet at the same time. The downside is that cables can be unsightly or obtrusive.

Wireless Network

A wireless network can be extremely useful if you require to use a PC or laptop more than 5 metres away from the router, or somewhere that cables would look unsightly.  The downside is that signal quality can suffer the further away you are from the router and in older properties with thicker walls this can be a problem.

Wired & Wireless Network

If you have some machines close to the router and also require to use something some  distance away from the router, your best option is a combination of wired and wireless.